Trucker Books

The Coloured Book of Cabovers

When I began writing this description I realized how much I enjoyed assembling this book and the enthusiasm of those that contributed pictures and stories of Hayes and Western Star, Kenworth Cabovers and Half-Shacks, DAC in New Zealand, Renault, MAN in South Africa, Bull Nose KW and Kenworth K-100’s with ‘Roo bumpers pulling road trains in Australia. Of course, there is Todd Campbell’s Icy Red. This is trucking nostalgia at its finest.

The Coquihalla B.C.’s Insult to Road Building

The Coquihalla Pass road, also known as B.C.’s Route 5, is every truckers’ worst nightmare. It was supposed to be a showcase for Expo ’86 to illustrate to the world that we could build an all-weather road through the toughest mountain range in the world. We didn’t and it isn’t. Boiling rad radiators and ice conditions, it is neither a summer nor a winter road. This book chronicles what a dismal, badly engineered, and rushed to completion the Coquihalla turned out to be.

50 Years of Trucking

This is 119 pages of trucking stories from drivers who, when they start telling their tales, you know you’re going to hear the real thing. These people don’t embellish their words; this is the real stuff from the moment they speak and write. This is the perfect book to have when the Log Book says Stop – Sleep, but the eyes and brain say “I’m not tired.”

The Book of Lowbeds

104 pages, probably 300 of the best color pictures you will ever see of heavy haul equipment from across the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia.

The Coloring Book of Lowbeds

A coloring book for truckers’ children. We truckers spend too much time away from home, the aim of this coloring book is to promote more home time with our families.

The Book of Pre-Emission Trucks

There are hundreds, probably thousands of trucks built with engines that don’t meet the current “clean air” requirements, but they earn their keep every day and provide a steady income for owners who are passionate about keeping them on the road. Kevin Carty owns the truck on the cover; he had it custom-built to his exact specification at the Freightliner plant in Vancouver. He changed out the engine and transmission, took a well-deserved several month break, removed the sleeper, had the truck repainted from the ground up, redid the upholstery, brakes, and tires, and then put it to work. It will outlast him.

Murder Never Sleeps in Cottage Country

The first of the Sue Ellison mysteries. Sue is an Ontario provincial policewoman stationed at Parry Sound, usually referred to as “her, she, the lady cop” ’til the daughter of a multi-millionaire goes missing. Most officers shrug it off “another chick looking for a summer fling” ’til a body is found. Sue eliminates suspects one after another ’til she nails the killer. Great last page ending.

Murder Never Sleeps in Toronto

Sue partners with a retired R.C.M.P. officer. Their first case: find out why executives of a multi-national trucking company are being threatened and injured. Cross-border intrigue and who-is-sleeping-with-who complicate matters.

Murder Never Sleeps in Alberta

Sue is asked to sell “surplus assets” of a trucking company. She takes WestJet to Calgary to discuss it with a partner of a trucking firm. Before she arrives, his wife goes missing. Big trucks, icy roads, cowgirls in tight shirts, and handsome Mounties make it the Wild West at its best.

Murder Never Sleeps in Whistler

Sue takes the first holiday of her life at a friend’s chalet at the world’s premier ski resort, Whistler B.C. She spends a day on the slopes with a handsome young man and he invites her to dinner at his cabin. Just when things start to warm up, people get killed with an unusual weapon. Sue realizes “some come to whistler to ski, others don’t.”

Other Books

Discretion Strongly Advised

A book of two parallel stories, one being of a bush pilot from Yellowknife. Nat gets the luckiest break of his life when he slips and breaks a leg on an icy dock on Great Slave Lake. To earn a few dollars while it heals, he fills in at his landlord’s insurance agency. Luck goes his way when he realizes insurance companies are awash with money. Over time, he becomes President of a world-wide aircraft finance company. The other story is about Marina, daughter of a single parent in St. Petersburg, Russia. Rina is fluent in many languages and gets a job as an interpreter for the US Embassy in Moscow. When a new boss arrives, she finesses herself into an all-girl group hired to keep close watch on what’s taking place at Aeroflot agencies across the globe. Discretion has the best last page of any novel you will ever read.

Old Pilots Bold Pilots, DNA – Diamonds and Death

The sequel to Discretion Strongly Advised: in this book we find Yellowknife bush pilot turned long-haul international freighter flier Norm Carruthers, his wife Carol, who lucks into being an early day Bitcoin investor, and their daughter Ann in University taking courses leading to a Doctorate in DNA. The question in many peoples mind: “Who’s your daddy?”