Ted Campbell was sitting in his fifth grade classroom in Kimberley, BC, when he glanced out of the window. A City of Kimberley dump truck stopped beside an open ditch and two men got out and picked up shovels. The driver dumped a load of gravel, the men began shovelling, then the driver left. A light came on and a decision was made! When he grew up Ted got a job in a mine, bought a new Chevrolet Bel Air, used it as a down payment on a Big Job Ford, and went hauling logs in the Rockies. Since then, his rigs have hauled logs, lumber, dry and refrigerated freight,  coin grade silver, ice cream, pretzels, running shoes, flour, salt, and sugar. His tankers moved spring water, distilled water, and concentrated juice.  Seventy years and hundreds of trucks, trailers and tankers later, Ted sold his truck line and retired to write truck-related and mystery books. All are available on